Emcomm Operators Training Courses
have been designed for individuals that are new to amateur radio or are returning to the hobby. The intent in developing these three courses is to create training packages that other 'amateur radio trainers' might use in their clubs and organization trainings.

Whenever possible, we are providing the "source" files in MS Word, and PowerPoint that you can cutomize the files for your trainings. It is our hope that you will be able to use these Training packages to grow the pool of available emcomm operators for your group.

If you use these files for a training, we'd love to hear how your class was received.
Contact Gary Matteson, WA6TQJ or Greg Kruckewitt, KG6SJT


Operator Training I
(Class presented at the Yolo County Red Cross)

Operators Training I is for newly licensed amateur radio operators. This session provides new operators with the basics of setting up and operating a rig as well as introducing them to a mentor. Ideally, this session should be conducted within a month of a license exam.


Operator Training II
(Class presented at UC Davis)

Operators Training II introduces message handling with some 'hands-on' experience writing and sending messages..
Examples of messages are provided.
Key concepts include: preparing messages for transmission, and sending and receiving messages.


Operator Training III
(Classes at UC Davis and a presentation at the Browns Valley EmComm Seminar for Sacramento Valley ARES Section)

Operator Training III is designed to improve the performance of amateur radio members acting as a Net Control during an emergency. This class has two optional ‘extras. The first is an outline of a skit that can be conducted during the class with the members of the class assuming roles in the operation of an ‘emergency net.’ The second is an outline for tour of police or fire radio dispatch center

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