EmComm Operator Training Class III

Operator Training III is designed to improve the performance of amateur radio members acting as a Net Control during an emergency. This drill has two optional ‘extras’. The first is an outline of a skit that can be conducted during the class with the members of the class assuming roles in the operation of an ‘emergency net.’ The second is an outline for tour of police or fire radio dispatch center.

Operator Training III Outline

Setting up a Net Control Station for Emergency Communication
    (1) Physical Set up
    (2) Personnel

Performing as a Net Control in an Emergency Situation
    (1) Call up procedures
    (2) Handling Emergency Traffic
    (3) Handling Routine Traffic
    (4) Handling Tactical Traffic
    (5 Re-assignment and relief
    (6) Closing down

UC Davis Police Dispatch Center: on-site discussion
    (1) What is the training required to be a Dispatcher?
    (2) What are the "aids" that are available at the Dispatch site to enable quick and informed response?
    (3) How does she or he handle multi tasking?

Continuing Education for Net Controls
    (1) Emergency communication plans
    (2) Nets & Drills

Operator Training III Files

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