EmComm Operator Training Class II

Operators Training II is about message handling with several actual 'hands-on' experiences. Example messages are provided.
For the UC Davis training, we created a web site with the class materials, sample messages, and audio recording of sample messages.


  1. Introduction.
  2. Preparing messages for transmission via radio. Being concise and accurate when it comes to defining the elements of message is the first piece of the training. While the amateur radio operator will probably not author most of the messages, they can coach the originator on how to briefly describe in 25 words or less their communication piece for radio transmission. Four Groups of four should be established to create four message texts (or for exchanges) that will be used in the practice session. An experienced amateur radio facilitator will be assigned to each group.
  3. Power Point Presentation on Message Handling. A power point presentation used by a Bay Area Red Cross group is attached. The presentation was supplied by Bob Hewitt, K6HEW.
  4. Sending and Receiving messages. The four groups of 4 should be reformed. Each group will now take the text of the messages that they constructed earlier and place them into the prescribed message format. When they have complete that task. They will divide their group in half with two members proceeding to the assigned 'radio station' rooms in the UC Davis EOC and two members to an assigned mobile rig parked outside of the EOC. They will proceed to send.receive their four messages (each student will have an opportunity to send one message and receive one message). The respective facilitators will be observing and assisting as necessary.
  5. Critique- Each of the groups will share their experience and facilitators will comment on their observations.

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