E.V.A.C. Exercise- Woodland Memorial Hospital

June 25, 2010
On Friday morning, June 25, crews from the Woodland, Davis, UC Davis, Willow Oak, West Sacramento and Yocha Dehe Fire Departments flocked to Woodland Memorial Hospital to participate in the Emergency Victims Assistance Collaboration, an exercise scenario depicting a hospital fire and calling for a large-scale patient evacuation. Red Cross was activated to send Disaster Assistance Teams (DAT) to set up a Rehabilitation tent with water and food for the fire crews. Yolo County Red Cross called up Yolo County ARES to provide communications between the staging area and the Rehabilitation sites.

Ken- K6WLS, James- W6JSC, and Greg- KG6SJT, supported Red Cross at the E.V.A.C. Exercise at Woodland Memorial Hospital. Radio communications included several ICS-213 messages requisitioning additional resources and tactical messages between Net Control, The Red Cross Rehabilitation sites, and the staging area. It was an excellent training exercise for Yolo ARES.

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