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Welcome to the Yolo ARES® Group

Weekly nets Monday nights at 8:00pm on the KE6YUV repeater: 146.970 neg MHz PL 123.0


Cache Creek Ridge Ride, May 2, 2015 Sign up page
You can now sign up to help out on the 2015 Cache Creek Ridge Ridge Ride.
This horse endurance event is great fun to work.
Information on the ride is available at:
Click here to sign up.


Yolo County ARES - Weekly Nets
Yolo County ARES conducts a weekly Net on Monday evenings at 2000hrs (8:00 PM) PDT, primarily on the KE6YUV repeater. We also conduct a regular Net on the N6QDY repeater, or Simplex. All, of which is, NCS Operator's choice.

The KE6YUV repeater is sponsored by the Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub (BARK). The N6QDY repeater is sponsored by California Amateur Radio Users Net (C.A.R.U.N.) and Valley Emergency Repeater Association (V.E.R.A.). Additional details regarding both repeaters and the Simplex frequency is below.

WEBSITE: Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub (B.A.R.K.)
FREQ: 146.9700MHz OFFSET: Negative (-) PL: 123.0 (Enc/Dec -OR- TSq)

WEBSITE: California Amateur Radio Users Net (C.A.R.U.N.) & Valley Emergency Repeater Association (V.E.R.A.)
FREQ: 147.2550MHz OFFSET: Positive (+) PL: 123.0 (Enc -OR- T(one) Only)


We would like to thank the Officers and Members of both the BARK and the CARUN/VERA repeaters for their use during our Weekly Nets.


Great California Shake Summary!
Yolo County ARES joined nearly 10 millions Californians in the Great California Shakeout earthquake drill on October 16, 2014 starting at 10:16 AM.

Here is our exercise plan, recordings of each net, and a summary of net logs with call signs, names, locations and status reports.

Thank you to all of the amateur radio operators that checked in. In a real emergency, you can make a difference! A special thanks to our net controls: K6WLS Ken, KI6DWP John in Amador, K6KN, Bill, and WA6TQJ Gary.

We had check in via voice, email, packet, packet BBS, and Winlink! We had opportunities to use all modes of communications

Our summary is posted at: http://www.yoloares.org/news/2014/shakeout/    10/16/2014


Photos From Field Day 2014
Yolo Amateur Radio Society, Yolo County ARES, and the UC Davis Amateur Radio Club had a wonderful Field Day at the UC Davis airport.
We made over 700 contacts on voice, CW, and digital!
We had many visitors who stopped by, some of whom were involved in communications while in the military or in shipping.
Thank you to all the operators and visitors who attended.    6/29/2014


Yolo ARES Everbridge Sign-up
All Yolo County ARES members are encouraged to sign-up with Yolo County Everbridge Notification/ Alert system.
Please go to:
Fill out the information and get registered. Once you have registered for Everbridge, please go to: http://www.yoloares.org/news/2014/everbridge/
This form will let Rick, N6KLB, know you have registered. Dana Carey at Yolo OES has requested a list of Yolo ARES members who have registered so she can put us in a group.


The packet Node, BERR37, is up and running on 144.370! Photos
Joe AG6QO, Ken K6WLS, Bill K6KN, and Greg KG6SJT worked at the KE6YUV repeater site on Berryessa Peak on October 27 installing two antennas on the tower to support the full service packet Bulletin Board system that Joe AG6QO has pout together. The packet BBS AG6QO-1, is operating on 144.370.


Summary Report of Great California Shakeout
Yolo ARES participated in the Great California Shakeout. We had 17 Yolo ARES members checking in a various times during the day. This summary lists all of the locations that checked in.
Thank you to all who participated.    10/18/2013


PACKET BBS coming to Packet users and Yolo County ARES
At the September 17, 2013 Yolo county ARES, Joe DeAngelo, AG6QO, gave a presentation on the packet BBS that he is developing. Plans are progressing well for the installation of 2 nodes on Berryessa Peak to allow great communication with the BBS and forwarding of messages to a backbone that will allow messages to be forwarded thought out California. This will be a great addition to amateur packet users in Northern California and Yolo County ARES.

Currently, the Packet BBS is on 144.370 Connect to AG6QO-1
AG6QO's presentation with much more information.    9/18/2013


August ARES meeting at Yolo County EOC

Photos and notes from Yolo ARES meeting and visit to the Yolo County EOC


CQ Field Day - WA6YAR, 3A SV

Photos from Field Day 2013.

Yolo Amateur Radio Society, UCD ARC , and Yolo County ARES teamed up for Field Day at the UC Davis Airport. We had wonderful weather. A great time was had by all the operators and visitors.    6/23/2013


Two New Amateur Extras
Congratulations to Dale Dennis - KJ6HHY, and James Bohon, N6JMS!    5/29/2013


A Great Net Control Tool

The MicroAMP HA400 allows the connection of headphones and an external speaker.

We used this supporting the Cache Creek Ridge Ride.    5/27/2013


Cache Creek Ridge Ride Report and Photos
An overview report and photos from the Cache Creek Ridge Ride. By Ken, K6WLS.    5/19/2013


March Yolo ARES meeting at Sutter Davis Hospital
Photos from the March 19 Yolo ARES meeting at Sutter Davis Hospital. We had a tour of the radio room and the command center.    3/20/2013


Yolo County ARES February meeting- SkyWarn
Our February 19th Yolo County ARES meeting will be a special
guest presentation by El Dorado ARES/Skywarn.

At the meeting, El Dorado ARES/Skywarn members Darren, N9RHG; Kurtis,
KJ6BDQ; and Justin KI6LMV will presenting information about the El Dorado
ARES / Skywarn program.

Our monthly will begin at 1900hrs (7:00pm), at the Yolo County office of the
American Red Cross Capital Region Chapter in Woodland, CA. All members are
encouraged to attend and visitors are always welcome. Talk-in is on the
KE6YUV repeater.

Red Cross Capital Region Chapter, is located at 120 Court Street, Woodland.
The Chapter is located east of West Street, next door to Wallace Safe & Lock
Company, Inc. (Across the street from Woodland's Fire Station 1.)    2/13/2013


Emmcom kit developed by James, N6JMS

Photos from the December 18, 2012 Yolo county ARES meeting. James, N6JMS, talked about the Emmcom kit that he has put together. His handout includes a list of resources that he used.    12/19/2012


FCC test session
FCC test session Scheduled January 19th at 850 Pioneer Ave in Woodland. That is at the corner of Pioneer and Gum.
Test session will open at 0730 and close promptly at 0930.
Again this is an all element test session. This will be through the ARRL-VEC and their test fee is $15.00. Please let anyone you know who may be interested in testing.
You are required to provide a social security number on the FCC form, and two means of ID are necessary also, one with a picture please.
We would like pre-registration and you can contact me at 530 305-4088 or
email gramps55@gmail.com
We will take walk-ins.
Thanks and see you at the session    12/16/2012


California Hospital Drill, November 15, 2012
Yolo County ARES participated in the California Hospital Drill, November 15, 2012. You can view our Planning documents, Exercise documents, Post Exercise Documents including a recording of the Net Wrap up on the W6AK repeater and the final report.    11/27/2012


Yolo ARES Presentation to the Sunset Rotary Club, Davis
On Wednesday, August 29, Ken, K6WLS, and Greg, KG6SJT, gave the Davis Sunset Rotary Club a presentation on Amateur Radio, emergency communications, and Yolo County ARES. Slides from this presentation are now available.    9/3/2012


Amateur Radio Operators to set up stations in backyard of East Fire Station on Saturday June 23rd
Amateur radio operators have established back-up radio communications for city and local governments and these systems will be tested this Saturday, June 23rd at the Davis Fire Station located at Cowell and Mace Boulevard. The amateur radio clubs participating are the Yolo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the Yolo Amateur Radio Society. The exercise is called Field Day, and it is an event where amateur radio operators set up their equipment and operate over a 24 hour period. In the case of the Davis Fire Station, the group will be operating in the field behind the station, operating on emergency power, and communicating on temporary antennas. The event is open to the public and those interested may observe amateur radio operators exchanging contact information with other operators throughout the world. The public is encourage to attend from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. There will be operators that distribute printed information about amateur radio and well as explain the operations of the event.

More information about this event can be obtained from Gary Matteson, President of the Yolo Amateur Radio Society (Contact # 530-219-6777) or Greg Kruckewitt, Yolo County Emergency Coordinator, Yolo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Contact # 530-746-8426).    6/16/2012


Cache Creek Ridge Ride

Photos from the Cache Creek Ridge Ride. Yolo County ARES provided communications support for this 12 hour event. A big thank you to K6WLS, Ken; Gary,WA6TQJ; Wes, WS6Z; Katie, logger for Wes; Bryce, K7DWO; Daniel, KJ6LVS; Bill, K6KN; Rob, N6KIX; Chris, KJ6VKR; Zack, KG6VCQ; Rick, N6KLB; and Greg. KG6SJT. The event was a success for Yolo County ARES and our work was greatly appreciated by Ride Management and the riders. We will discuss what we learned and what we can do to improve at our next Meeting, May 15, 2012.    5/13/2012


Updated Versions of ICS-213 form
The ICS-213 form that Yolo County ARES is using have been updated to include a field for "Incident Name."

ICS-213 General message form for printing. Updated March 25, 2010

Fillable ICS-213 form for use with Adobe Acrobat 9 or greater.



Monday Night ARES Packet net
ARES Packet net instructions:
Check-in messages may be sent anytime between 0000 and 1950 hours (midnight - 7:50pm) on Monday in order to count for that evening's total.

Check-ins close at 2000 hours (8pm).

Connect to the BBS on the 145.050 frequency using the Ka-node "KBERR".


Outpost Users: should create a new "BBS"
Connect name: ARES
( this is the name of the BBS mailbox for this net)
BBS Path: digipeater via KBERR
(you are connecting to the ARES mail box on KG6SJT via the Kberr node)

If you are using a terminal program you could connect this way:
Connect ARES via KBERR

Weekly check-ins are simple messages from your call sign
Send a message to:
To: monnet ("monnet" is the tactical call sign we will use for Monday night

Subject: - - - fire station # or Red Cross>

Example: Subject: "1/30/12 - kg6sjt - Greg - Davis"

In the text of the message you can repeat the subject or add any additional
info you'd like.    2/5/2012


New radio desk installed at Red Cross

Bryce, K7DWO; Ken, K6WLS; and Greg, KG6SJT, installed the new desk at the Red Cross radio station. Bryce fabricated the desk top and cleaned up and painted the pedestals that Rob, N6KIX donated. Thank you Bryce, Ken, and Rob!    12/19/2011


ICS-213 Training
Ken- K6WLS and Greg- KG6SJT, gave a presentation on using the ICS-213 form to the Sacramento Valley ARES conference April 2, 1011. The slides and files from this presentation are available for download.    4/3/2011


Yolo County Hospital Presentation
Yolo County ARES was asked by the Yolo County Hospitals to give a presentation about amateur radio, ARES, how amateur radio could support the hospitals in an emergency, and how the hospitals might be involved. Ken Wilson, K6WLS, gave the presentation.    2/16/2011


Colusa Sheriff's Communications reserve ICS-213 Training
Ken- K6WLS and Greg- KG6SJT, were invited to the Colusa Sheriff's Communications reserve to give a presentation on using the ICS-213 form on January 20, 2011. The slides and files from this presentation are available for download.    1/30/2011


50 ICS-213 Practice Messages from 2010
Need an example or an idea for a pactice ICS-213 message?
Yolo ARES members have been practicing message handling since August 2005. The link above will download a .zip file with 50 messages that we have given on our net during 2010.    12/20/2010


BARK / Yolo ARES Sponsored VE Test Session

Photos from the BARK, Yolo ARES VE Test Session.
Test results were: 16 new Technicians, 4 Generals, and 4 Extras.
Thank you to all of the volunteers that made this test session a great success!    12/12/2010


BARK Repeater on Emergency Power- an Adjacent Tower Down

The tower adjacent to the BARK repeater town fell down Friday night in the high wind. it took out AC power and knocked the BARK repeater off the air..
Ken- K6WLS, Jack- K6JAC, Bob- KI6BZR, and Paul- KJ6GCP, went up to the site and got it running on battery power. There was a bit of damage to some contacts, but we were lucky! 10 feet to the left and the bark tower could have gone down.

The repeater is now is usable, working on battery power. If you use the BARK repeater PLEASE keep your QSOs short to conserve battery power.
The ARES net will be on 146.550 simplex Monday November 15.    11/14/2010


Yolo County ARES ICS-213 Form
The November 2, 2010 ARRL ARES E-Letter and the May 2009 issue of QST contained articles on ICS-213 forms and the Yolo County ARES ICS-213 form was displayed and mentioned.
Here is the version of the ICS-213 form that Yolo ARES is using when working with the City of Davis Fire Department.
   ICS-213 form for printing
   ICS-213 form that may be filled in on your computer using Acrobat 9 reader    11/4/2010


Sacramento Valley Emergency Coordinator, Larry Sutter, at the October Yolo County ARES meeting

Sacramento Valley Emergency Coordinator Larry Sutter attended the October Yolo County ARES meeting . He demoed his outstanding radio go kit.    10/21/2010


WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 2010 AT 05:43PM
The Federal Communications Commission today issued a Report & Order that changes Part 97.113 to allow employees to take part in disaster drills and exercises that involve their employers.

97.113 Prohibited transmissions.

(a) * * *

(3) Communications in which the station licensee or control operator has a pecuniary interest, including communications on behalf of an employer, with the following exceptions:

(i) A station licensee or control station operator may participate on behalf of an employer in an emergency preparedness or disaster readiness test or drill, limited to the duration and scope of such test or drill, and operational testing immediately prior to such test or drill. Tests or drills that are not government-sponsored are limited to a total time of one hour per week; except that no more than twice in any calendar year, they may be conducted for a period not to exceed 72 hours.    7/15/2010


E.V.A.C. Exercise- Woodland Memorial Hospital
Ken - K6WLS, James - W6JSC, and Greg - KG6SJT, supported Red Cross at the E.V.A.C. Exercise at Woodland Memorial Hospital.
Several ICS-213 as well as tactical messages were passed between Net Control, The Red Cross Rehabilitation site, and the staging area. It was an excellent training exercise for Yolo ARES.    6/25/2010


Welcome New Yolo County ARES Members
Yolo County ARES has has added three new members this month.
Please welcome W6JSC, James; N6JOA, Charles; and N6OLO, Pamela.    5/20/2010


On the Nature of Interacting Antennas
A while back Wes, WS6Z, built a 2m Copper “Super-J-Pole” antenna which he attached to his chimney. Then a friend of his (AD6IL) was kind enough to supply me with a 2m square loop for horizontal work which he attached at the bottom of the J-pole. AD6IL and WS6Z were debating how much of a problem it would be to have them so close together and I figured I’d give it a try and see how much they interacted. After putting them both up they both performed adequately though Wes was pretty sure he could detect a performance difference in the J-pole after adding the square loop to its base.

He measured the performance of both antennas as they were mounted together and then moved the square loop to the opposite corner of the chimney and remeasured them both again. The following 4 graphs show the results of these tests.    5/18/2010


Yolo County ARES Members set up a School to School Ham Radio Contact

Yolo County ARES members Wes Hardaker, WS6Z, and Greg Kruckewitt, KG6SJT setup a school to school ham radio contact. Wes was in a fourth grade classroom at Korematsu Elementary School in Davis and Greg was in a fourth/fifth grade classroom at Cambridge Elementary school in Vacaville.

The students at each school took turns asking students at the other school questions, and then answering questions they were given. The excitement level in the classrooms was terrific!    4/24/2010


Congratulations Larry, WD6FXR, Sacramento Valley Section Emergency Coordinator
Effective immediately, our new Sacramento Valley Section Emergency Coordinator is Larry Sutter, WD6FXR. Larry will be following several years of excellent service by Richard Cloyd, W06P.


Over 100 Practice NTS and ICS-213 Messages
Need and idea for a practice NTS or ICS-213 message?
Yolo ARES members have been practicing message handling since August 2005. The link above will download a .zip file with over 100 messages that we have given on our net.    11/15/2009


Swine Flu (H1N1) Hotline for the Public (1-888-865-0564)
The California Department of Public Health has activated a public hotline for
callers with questions about the current outbreak of H1N1 Flu (swine flu). (1-888-865-0564)
Hotline flyer.    5/3/2009


Points Of Dispensing Training (POD)
With the current outbreak of swine flu, this training could become important.

There are three Points Of Dispensing Training on-line classes:


Points of Dispensing are locations throughout the County which could be used to distribute medications in the event of a health emergency. The Yolo County Health Department has developed this series of free online classes to teach volunteers how to assist in POD functions.    4/26/2009


Yolo County ARES ICS-213 Form
The May 2009 issue of QST contained an article on ICS-213 forms and our form was displayed.
Here is the version of the ICS-213 form that Yolo ARES will be using when working with the Davis Fire Department.
   ICS-213 form for printing
   ICS-213 form that may be filled in on your computer using Acrobat 9 reader    4/23/2009


Antenna Installation at Davis Fire Department Station 32 completed!
Ken, K6WLS, and greg, KG6SJT, completed the antenna installation and coax run at station 32! ALL three fire stations now have antennas installed.    3/30/2009


Antenna Installation at Davis Fire Department 33 completed!
On Saturday, February 28, 2009, an ARES work party completed the running of coax and the installation of the antenna.    2/28/2009


The Antenna at Davis Fire Station 33 is UP!
top Photos of Ken, K6WLS, installing the antenna at Davis Fire Station 33. Thanks Ken.    2/21/2009


UC Davis Emergency Operation Center NET
The UCD is now conducting a weekly net:
Every Monday at 1230 hrs, is 146.475 simplex.    1/13/2009


ARRL article on the training event by Yolo ARES, Red Cross, BARK, and YARS
ARRL has published an article on the new ham training that Yolo Red Cross, Yolo ARES, Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub, and Yolo Amateur Radio Society conducted last February and March. Yeah! Yolo ARES made the ARRL Features section! We have posted many of the outlines and slides we used for this training.    6/25/2008


National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction
Darrin, kg6fjl, would like every Yolo ARES member to take the FEMA Independent Study Program: IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction. It is a on-line course. Download the materials, read it, and take the test...    10/18/2005


Message Handling
On the Yolo ARES net October 25 there was a discussion of Message Handling nets. Darrin, EC, has sent a list of message handling nets:

- Norcal net 1900 Local 3630 khz cw

- Norcal net 2100 Local 3705 slow cw

- Norcal net 1930 Local 145.210- pl 100.0 stockton

- Sac Valley traffic net 2100 Local pl 110.9 Chico


Sacramento Amatuer Emergency Net
Every day at 12:00 PM .
Repeater call sign W6AK.
If you are west of West Sacramento tune to 442.800 pl 100Hz
If you are closer to Sacramento tune to 146.910 pl 100 Hz or the 440 will work.    8/28/2004


National Incident Management System
NIMS embodies the "best management practices" of the existing Incident Command System, and standardizes a nationwide approach for Federal, state and local governments to work together effectively, enabling a national policy for a single all-disciplines, all-hazards plan. The Department of Homeland Security requires adoption of NIMS as a condition for receiving Federal Preparedness Assistance Grants beginning in 2005. Acrobat PDF File    3/6/2004

Yolo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service®

ARES ® and Amateur Radio Emergency Service ® are registered trademarks of the ARRL.