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 7/7/2006 Emergency Information
First Aid
Good Samaritan Statutes
Good Samaritan statutes are laws enacted by the various states that
protect healthcare providers and other rescuers from being sued when
they are giving emergency help to a victim provided the person uses
reasonable, prudent guidelines for care using the resources they have
available at the time of the accident.
 9/5/2006 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Communications
DC Emergency Radio Network
Covering the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and Beyond
The DC Emergency Radio Network is an alternate means of communication during an emergency. If there's a power, telephone, cell phone or Internet failure, the DC Emergency Radio Network (DCERN) can keep you in touch with your neighbors, your family and officials.

DCERN uses Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios on channel 1, no privacy channel (subchannel 0).
 9/5/2006 Emergency Communications EMCOM Communications: FAMILY / NEIGHBORHOOD EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS
The purpose of this document is to establish common guidelines for the planning, establishment, administration and operation of a nationally coordinated Neighborhood Emergency Radio Communications Service (NERCS) which provides a fast, efficient and economical means of fulfilling emergency communications requirements while decreasing frequency (channel) and message handling congestion. Standards, policies and procedures are strongly suggested to ensure commonality in purpose, operations and equipment allowing for simple interface and integration with other agencies and services including both local organizations/entities and those that may respond from other areas to aid in emergency / disaster situations. Such uniformity insures seamless, uninterrupted direct radio communications.
 9/14/2006 Training
NTS radiograms
Arlington Radio Public Service Club - W4AVA
Includes info on USING THE ICS FORM 213
 10/21/2006 CW Morse Code
Convert to and from morse code. Play the sounds.
 1/20/2007 CW Morse Resource
MorseResource - Tools to help learn or improve your Morse code skills.
 1/29/2007 ARES Procedures
EC's Check List
Since we have so many new ECs and because so many of the Colorado
After Action reports indicate repeats of just a few errors, we have the
"ECs Check List". This list is a single source reference for those
items you need to consider/use for every event or
 2/26/2007 Be Prepared- Flood
Disaster Preparedness
Sacramento Flood History
The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA)
 3/10/2007 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Equipment
Emergency Supplies Calendar
A six monh calendar to help you gather your family's emerency supplies
 4/14/2007 Emergency Communications
Amateur Radio Emergency Network for Hospitals- W4AVA.ORG
RACES Resource Library
- Amateur Radio Emergency Network for Hospitals
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