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 11/17/2005 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Information
Disaster Resource
Articles on disaster preparedness
 11/17/2005 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Information
EMS Solutions Inc - Regina Phelps. CEO
many good articles... including information Pandemic Planning
 11/26/2005 CW Just Learn MOrse Code
Just Learn Morse Code is designed to make it easy to learn Morse code, as well as improve the skills of those who already know the code.
 12/3/2005 ARES/RACES Groups
Emergency Communications
Los Angeles Fire Department ACS
Auxiliary Communication Service web site
 12/4/2005 ARES Procedures LAFD ACS Field Operations Guide
A well done ACS Field Operations Guide
 1/18/2006 Ham Radio Locate Hams in Your Neighborhood
N4MC's Maps - Powered by Google
Learn where other hams live in your neighborhood. Just enter in any U.S. 5-digit zip code to generate a map which shows the physical location of all hams using that zip code in their FCC-registered QTH.
 1/18/2006 ARES Procedures
ECom - Release 5.3
ECom Material - Release 5.3
This is the Colorado Emergency Communication (ECom) material.
Good information for any Ecom class
 2/4/2006 First Aid
Emergency Equipment
Complient CPR Prompt Rescue Aid from Emergency Medical Products
Complient CPR Prompt Rescue Aid
A clear voice guides you through CPR for Adult, Child or Baby. Fits on a key ring, in a pocket or purse. Follows American Heart Association Guidelines Delivers 10 hours of talk time (3AAAA batteries included). Reinforces skill retention: 70% of CPR skills deteriorate just three months after training. The CPR Prompt Rescue Aid lets you practice anytime to retain your lifesaving skills.

 2/4/2006 First Aid
Emergency Equipment
Circulation -- 112 (24 Supplement): IV-12 Table BL1
Summary of BLS ABCD Maneuvers for Infants, Children, and Adults
 3/12/2006 Emergency Communications
Callout Equipment
ARRLWeb: Surfin': Boxing A Radio
Instead of thinking outside of the box, we think about how to get a radio inside the box.
Andy Palm, N1KSN, is a member of Winnebago County ARES/RACES in Wisconsin and an occasional net control station for public service events with the Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club in Appleton, WI. As a result of his public service radio activity, Andy decided to build a portable VHF station.
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