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 12/16/2003 Be Prepared- Fire FEMA: Backgrounder: Wildland Fires
Information on Wildland Fires.
 12/16/2003 Ham Radio
Emergency Communications
K3RXK - Why the amateur radio service is essential
Amateur radio operators have proven themselves to be essential responders in weather and other natural emergencies, and disasters of human origin. Hams can go on the air and stay on the air when ordinary public service communications fail.
 12/15/2003 Yolo County Yolo County ARES Maps of Yolo County
Local Yolo County Maps
 12/15/2003 Callout Equipment What is in Your 'Go' Kit?
A typical "go" kit should sustain a day of continuous operation and be easily supplemented for overnight or weekend trips.

The best kit for you may not fit a "canned" list, but should be based upon your operating mode, experience and local conditions. It is better to have the bare essentials always handy than to leave a bulky pack someplace where you can't get to it. A larger kit bag is more practical if you are almost always in or near your home or car.
 12/15/2003 Callout Equipment Emergency Go Bag
KC2IXE, a member of NYC ARES, carries some basic emergency gear with him ALL the time. He uses a 3 plus layer system.

The layers are:
Layer 1 - On my Person
Layer 2 - In my Backpack
Layer 3 - In the car/house, ready to go
 12/15/2003 Disaster Preparedness
Be Prepared- Earthquake
How to prepare for an emergency.
How to prepare for an emergency or disaster from Epicenter.
 12/15/2003 Ham Radio
Ham Radio
Internet Radio Linking Project
Connect to the world by just using the handheld...
 12/15/2003 Emergency Information California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident Information Home Page
You can select reports for various areas of California.
 12/15/2003 Emergency Information California Highway Patrol Sacramento Communications Center
Real time traffic Incident reports for Sacramento area.
 12/14/2003 ARRL
FCC Rules: Part 97 and other Rule Parts
Amateurs are most familiar with Part 97, officially called Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 97 (47 CFR Part 97). It is the body of rules which governs the Amateur Radio Service.
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