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Yolo ARES Net Log for 1/4/2016

Listen to recording of Practice Message.

Start time: 8:00:00 PM

Net control: Ken - K6WLS

Members checked in:
    n6klb - Rick
    k6wls - Kenneth R
    wa6tqj - Gary
    ag6qo - Joe
    k7dwo - Bryce
    ke6gcv - Todd
    kg6sjt - Greg
    kj6hhy - Dale
    w6faq - John
    w6kjx - Lu
    wb6lew - Lew

   11 member check-ins.

Visitor check-ins: N6GT Bill Sac EC KK6MNV Scott - Esparto

Special Traffic
Emergency / Priority traffic: None

Announcements Rick N6KLB Flood watch for Lake and Calaveras countys due to heavy rain falls and more anticipated.

Official Traffic
Traffic: None

Practice Message (or more traffic) Listen to Practice Message.

Practice Message: Lew WB6LEW
109 R WB6LEW 25 Woodland 2009 010416
ARES Net Listeners
On mules you fine two
legs behind and two you
find before X you stand
behind before you fine what
the two behind be for

Closing time: 8:20:00 PM

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