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Yolo ARES Net Preamble

YOLO County ARES Net Control Dialog
Monday Night Net (net meets every Monday evening)


This is (your NAME, CALL) net control for the Yolo County ARES NET.
This net meets every Monday evening at 8:00 PM on the KE6YUV repeater- 146.970 MHz negative offset. with a P.L. in 123.0

This is an directed net and visitors are invited to check in after club roll call.
If you wish to make a contact or have anything for the net, please use Net Control.
Break the net at any time if you have emergency or priority traffic.
, then continue)

I will now call on Yolo ARES EC, Douglas Hollowell, KJ6VHE, for any news news or updates.

(EC) this is (your CALL) Net Control.

Before proceeding with roll call we have the following announcements.

(Make any announcements)

We will now start member roll call. During roll call please give your Call sign:
Name; Present location; and list any traffic. Listed traffic will be handled after
roll call. Roll call begins. BREAK


KN6SYF ,  Bruce,  EC

K6KN, Bill, AEC
K6BIL, Bill
K6GRR, Robert
K6MRP, Michael
KD6FBF, Roger
KG6SJT, Greg
KG6TEN, Jerry
KG6YSS, Scott
KI6HHA, Dennis
KK6TBO, Gregory
KK6ZGB, MIchael, Section Emergency Coordinator.
KM6KFW, Darrell
KM6NJW, Christian
KN6HTD, Jojo
KN6IJP, Greg
KN6VNQ, Brian
N6CZ, Steve
N6JOA, Charlie
N6KIX, Rob
N6KLB, Rick
N8ZOC, Phil
W6BSB, Larry
W6KJX, Lucille
W6RBM, Robert
WN6AMS, Robbie
KM6RIW, Brad (Placer ARES), XCourtesy Member

Are there any late or missed member check-ins? OVER
(Listen, then continue.)

Are there any visiting stations wishing to check into the net? If so, please give your name, call,
location and if you have anything for the net.
(Listen, take any listings, then continue.)

We will now do traffic in order listed.
(Do listed traffic as required.)

Practice message

Is there any other official traffic? OVER
(Do traffic if any.)

There being no other traffic for the net, I then close the net for this evening. This net will next Monday at 1900 hours local time. All members are encouraged to participate. Anyone wishing to join YOLO County ARES may contact net control or go to the the Yolo ARES web site: www.yoloares.org for information,

This is ( your call sign ), Net Control for the YOLO County ARES net. We wish to thank the control operator and the users of the KE6YUV repeater for standing by. The net is now closed. OUT


Yolo County ARES