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Monday Night ARES Packet net
ARES Packet net instructions:
Check-in messages may be sent anytime between 0000 and 1950 hours (midnight - 7:50pm) on Monday in order to count for that evening's total.

Check-ins close at 2000 hours (8pm).

Connect to the BBS on the 145.050 frequency using the Ka-node "KBERR".


Outpost Users: should create a new "BBS"
Connect name: ARES
( this is the name of the BBS mailbox for this net)
BBS Path: digipeater via KBERR
(you are connecting to the ARES mail box on KG6SJT via the Kberr node)

If you are using a terminal program you could connect this way:
Connect ARES via KBERR

Weekly check-ins are simple messages from your call sign
Send a message to:
To: monnet ("monnet" is the tactical call sign we will use for Monday night

Subject: - - - fire station # or Red Cross>

Example: Subject: "1/30/12 - kg6sjt - Greg - Davis"

In the text of the message you can repeat the subject or add any additional
info you'd like.    2/5/2012


New radio desk installed at Red Cross

Bryce, K7DWO; Ken, K6WLS; and Greg, KG6SJT, installed the new desk at the Red Cross radio station. Bryce fabricated the desk top and cleaned up and painted the pedestals that Rob, N6KIX donated. Thank you Bryce, Ken, and Rob!    12/19/2011


ICS-213 Training
Ken- K6WLS and Greg- KG6SJT, gave a presentation on using the ICS-213 form to the Sacramento Valley ARES conference April 2, 1011. The slides and files from this presentation are available for download.    4/3/2011


Yolo County Hospital Presentation
Yolo County ARES was asked by the Yolo County Hospitals to give a presentation about amateur radio, ARES, how amateur radio could support the hospitals in an emergency, and how the hospitals might be involved. Ken Wilson, K6WLS, gave the presentation.    2/16/2011


Colusa Sheriff's Communications reserve ICS-213 Training
Ken- K6WLS and Greg- KG6SJT, were invited to the Colusa Sheriff's Communications reserve to give a presentation on using the ICS-213 form on January 20, 2011. The slides and files from this presentation are available for download.    1/30/2011


50 ICS-213 Practice Messages from 2010
Need an example or an idea for a pactice ICS-213 message?
Yolo ARES members have been practicing message handling since August 2005. The link above will download a .zip file with 50 messages that we have given on our net during 2010.    12/20/2010


BARK / Yolo ARES Sponsored VE Test Session

Photos from the BARK, Yolo ARES VE Test Session.
Test results were: 16 new Technicians, 4 Generals, and 4 Extras.
Thank you to all of the volunteers that made this test session a great success!    12/12/2010


Get your Ham License, or upgrade December 11, 2010
FCC testing session to be held at the LDS church in Davis at 785 Elmwood St. The starting time will be 07:30 on December the 11th.
This session will be for all elements, walkins are welcome, and anyone wishing to pre-register may contact Ken Wilson at 530 305-4088 or  gramps55@gmail.com

Test fee is $15.00 and can be paid cash or check written to ARRL VEC.
Individuals must provide photo ID or two other forms of positive identification. The required list is on the ARRL website.
There is a technician class starting soon also through the LDS group. Call for info.
We plan to have a couple monitors on the BARK repeater for talk-in assistance.    11/23/2010


BARK Repeater on Emergency Power- an Adjacent Tower Down

The tower adjacent to the BARK repeater town fell down Friday night in the high wind. it took out AC power and knocked the BARK repeater off the air..
Ken- K6WLS, Jack- K6JAC, Bob- KI6BZR, and Paul- KJ6GCP, went up to the site and got it running on battery power. There was a bit of damage to some contacts, but we were lucky! 10 feet to the left and the bark tower could have gone down.

The repeater is now is usable, working on battery power. If you use the BARK repeater PLEASE keep your QSOs short to conserve battery power.
The ARES net will be on 146.550 simplex Monday November 15.    11/14/2010


Yolo County ARES ICS-213 Form
The November 2, 2010 ARRL ARES E-Letter and the May 2009 issue of QST contained articles on ICS-213 forms and the Yolo County ARES ICS-213 form was displayed and mentioned.
Here is the version of the ICS-213 form that Yolo ARES is using when working with the City of Davis Fire Department.
   ICS-213 form for printing
   ICS-213 form that may be filled in on your computer using Acrobat 9 reader    11/4/2010

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