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Yolo County ARES - November Meeting & Weekly Nets
Yolo County ARES conducts a weekly Net on Monday evenings at 2000hrs (8:00 PM) PDT, primarily on the KE6YUV repeater. We also conduct a regular Net on the N6QDY repeater, or Simplex. All, of which is, NCS Operator's choice.

The KE6YUV repeater is sponsored by the Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub (BARK). The N6QDY repeater is sponsored by California Amateur Radio Users Net (C.A.R.U.N.) and Valley Emergency Repeater Association (V.E.R.A.). Additional details regarding both repeaters and the Simplex frequency is below.

WEBSITE: Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub (B.A.R.K.)
FREQ: 146.9700MHz OFFSET: Negative (-) PL: 123.0 (Enc/Dec -OR- TSq)

WEBSITE: California Amateur Radio Users Net (C.A.R.U.N.) & Valley Emergency Repeater Association (V.E.R.A.)
FREQ: 147.2550MHz OFFSET: Positive (+) PL: 123.0 (Enc -OR- T(one) Only)

FREQ: -- TBD by NCS -- OFFSET: -- NONE -- PL: -- NONE --

We would like to thank the Officers and Members of both the BARK and the CARUN/VERA repeaters for their use during our Weekly Nets.

NOTE: ARES Members, please check the Event Calendar regularly for Net Control assignments. Email reminders are also sent weekly. If you're unable to conduct the Net or give the practice message for your assigned week, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Thank you.

Our monthly meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month, at 1900hrs (7:00pm), at the Yolo County office of the American Red Cross Capital Region Chapter in Woodland, CA. All members are encouraged to attend and visitors are always welcome. Talk-in is on the KE6YUV repeater. November's meeting will be on Tuesday, the 20th.

For a map and directions to Red Cross, please click here: 120 Court Street, Woodland. The Chapter is located east of West Street, next door to Wallace Safe & Lock Company, Inc. (Across the street from Woodland's Fire Station 1.)


Technician only test session
November 10th at 850 Pioneer Ave in Woodland. That is at the corner of Pioneer and Gum.
Test session will open at 0800 and close promptly at 0930.
Again this is a Technician testing only. This will be through the W5YI-VEC and their test fee is $14.00. Please let anyone you know who may be interested in testing.
You are required to provide a social security number on the FCC form, and two means of ID are necessary also, one with a picture please.
We would like pre-registration and you can contact me at 530 305-4088 or gramps55@gmail.com
We will take walk-ins.
Thanks and see you at the session.
Ken Wilson


Yolo ARES Presentation to the Sunset Rotary Club, Davis
On Wednesday, August 29, Ken, K6WLS, and Greg, KG6SJT, gave the Davis Sunset Rotary Club a presentation on Amateur Radio, emergency communications, and Yolo County ARES. Slides from this presentation are now available.    9/3/2012


FCC testing session September 8th
BARK and Yolo ARES will be holding test session on the 8th of September in Woodland. It will be at the LDS Chapel at 850 Pioneer Ave. The session will start at 0730 hours and remain open until around noon.
This is a good opportunity to have someone you know get their technician license or for someone to upgrade to General or Amateur Extra.
Contact Ken Wilson via the ARRL website information. or call 530 305-4088    8/12/2012


Amateur Radio Operators to set up stations in backyard of East Fire Station on Saturday June 23rd
Amateur radio operators have established back-up radio communications for city and local governments and these systems will be tested this Saturday, June 23rd at the Davis Fire Station located at Cowell and Mace Boulevard. The amateur radio clubs participating are the Yolo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the Yolo Amateur Radio Society. The exercise is called Field Day, and it is an event where amateur radio operators set up their equipment and operate over a 24 hour period. In the case of the Davis Fire Station, the group will be operating in the field behind the station, operating on emergency power, and communicating on temporary antennas. The event is open to the public and those interested may observe amateur radio operators exchanging contact information with other operators throughout the world. The public is encourage to attend from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. There will be operators that distribute printed information about amateur radio and well as explain the operations of the event.

More information about this event can be obtained from Gary Matteson, President of the Yolo Amateur Radio Society (Contact # 530-219-6777) or Greg Kruckewitt, Yolo County Emergency Coordinator, Yolo County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Contact # 530-746-8426).    6/16/2012


Field Day is coming June 23.

In preparation for Field Day, Bill, K6KN; Dave, KC6YFG; Julia, KG6OYS; Don KI6PEL and Gary, WA6TQJ, performed site clean up at the East Davis Fire Station #33. The Captain of the Fire Station Shift was very pleased with our efforts. June 9, 2012.    6/10/2012


North Hlls Radio Club Presents: The 37th Annual Sacramento HamFest - Sunday, 20 May 2012
The North Hills Radio Club is hosting their 37th annual HamFest. It is located at Natomas High School; 3301 Fong Ranch Road, Sacramento.    5/17/2012


Cache Creek Ridge Ride

Photos from the Cache Creek Ridge Ride. Yolo County ARES provided communications support for this 12 hour event. A big thank you to K6WLS, Ken; Gary,WA6TQJ; Wes, WS6Z; Katie, logger for Wes; Bryce, K7DWO; Daniel, KJ6LVS; Bill, K6KN; Rob, N6KIX; Chris, KJ6VKR; Zack, KG6VCQ; Rick, N6KLB; and Greg. KG6SJT. The event was a success for Yolo County ARES and our work was greatly appreciated by Ride Management and the riders. We will discuss what we learned and what we can do to improve at our next Meeting, May 15, 2012.    5/13/2012


EMCOMMWEST 2012 - 4-6 May 2012
EMCOMM (EMergency COMMunications) has been a vital part of all the emergency and disaster operations since the invention of the radio. It plays a very important part in getting messages to the appropriate people and places when all other modes of communication have failed. Symposiums like EMCOMMWEST provide a forum where EMCOMM served agency people have an opportunity to become familiar with the capabilities of Amateur radio and where radio Amateurs have an opportunity to receive training from representatives of various served agencies as well as sessions on technical EMCOMM-related issues. One of the first symposiums of this kind occurred in the late 1980's. The Emergency Response Instutute (ERI) was first sponsored by the Santa Clara Valley Section of the ARRL and held in San Jose CA. Served agencies that participated in the first ERI include the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, California Department of Forestry and Santa Clara County. ERI became a yearly event that continued until the mid 1990's.

- EMCOMMWEST Online Registration Form
- EMCOMMWEST Accommodations at Convention Rates    4/3/2012


Updated Versions of ICS-213 form
The ICS-213 form that Yolo County ARES is using have been updated to include a field for "Incident Name."

ICS-213 General message form for printing. Updated March 25, 2010

Fillable ICS-213 form for use with Adobe Acrobat 9 or greater.


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