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Radio Operators needed for the California International Marathon
The 40th annual California International Marathon is Dec 7th and runs from Folsom to the Capital. Operators are need from 6:30 am until about 1:30 pm. Available openings are from Orangevale to Downtown. Contact Frank, N6SNO at 916-529-2396, or frankn6sno@gmail.com.

The California International Marathon (CIM) web site: http://runcim.org/    11/25/2014


Great California Shake Summary!
Yolo County ARES joined nearly 10 millions Californians in the Great California Shakeout earthquake drill on October 16, 2014 starting at 10:16 AM.

Here is our exercise plan, recordings of each net, and a summary of net logs with call signs, names, locations and status reports.

Thank you to all of the amateur radio operators that checked in. In a real emergency, you can make a difference! A special thanks to our net controls: K6WLS Ken, KI6DWP John in Amador, K6KN, Bill, and WA6TQJ Gary.

We had check in via voice, email, packet, packet BBS, and Winlink! We had opportunities to use all modes of communications

Our summary is posted at: http://www.yoloares.org/news/2014/shakeout/    10/16/2014


Great California Shakeout Exercise October 16, 2014
Shake Out Exercise.
Yolo County ARES call out procedures through Everbridge Alert System and announcements on the BARK Repeater FREQ: 146.9700MHz OFFSET: Negative (-) PL: 123.0.

10:30 am
Open net for check ins on the BARK repeater. (NC: Ken, K6WLS)

12:30 pm
Open net for check ins on the BARK repeater. (NC: John, KI6DWP From Amador ARES- Which is perfect as he is outside this simulated affected area.. Thank you John!)

5:30 pm
Open net for check ins on the BARK repeater. (NC: Gary, WA6TQJ, or Greg, KG6SJT)

7:30 pm Final Net and Wrap up (NC: Ken, K6WLS)
Open net for check ins on the BARK repeater.

After the 7:30 pm roll call, request comments on the exercise for future review and planning.


Alternate ways to check in or send information:

For the Great California Shakeout you can also check in these alternate

1. Email to gramps55@gmail.com
2. Packet send a message to "SHAKE" on the ares bbs, 145.050
connect ares via kberr, Send message to tactical address "SHAKE".
“SHAKE” is the tactical packet address we will use for this exercise.
3. Send a message via winlink to K6WLS
If sent via email to winlink to K6WLS use the subject "//WL2K Shakeout"
4. Via packet bulletin board address mail to: k6wls@ag6qo.#nca.ca.usa.noam
or connect to the AG6QO-1 bbs on 144.370 via berr37 node.

Exercise script is at: http://tinyurl.com/kzlxuhg    10/14/2014


September is National Preparedness Month
FEMA has put out a "digital toolkit" that is full of family preparedness information including a 4-week plan that will assist you in putting together a complete preparedness plan.

View the FEMA digital toolkit.    9/1/2014


Photos From Field Day 2014
Yolo Amateur Radio Society, Yolo County ARES, and the UC Davis Amateur Radio Club had a wonderful Field Day at the UC Davis airport.
We made over 700 contacts on voice, CW, and digital!
We had many visitors who stopped by, some of whom were involved in communications while in the military or in shipping.
Thank you to all the operators and visitors who attended.    6/29/2014


Field Day! June 28-29, University Airport
Yolo Amateur Radio Society, Yolo County ARES, and the UC Davis Radio Club will be hosting a field day at the UC Davis Airport on June 28-29.

Map to Field Day

All visitors are welcome!
Stop by, learn more about amateur radio and perhaps even try making a contact.

If you’d like to have dinner on Saturday evening, please contact Gary, WA6TQJ, gcmatteson@ucdavis.edu.    6/26/2014


Yolo ARES Everbridge Sign-up
All Yolo County ARES members are encouraged to sign-up with Yolo County Everbridge Notification/ Alert system.
Please go to:
Fill out the information and get registered. Once you have registered for Everbridge, please go to: http://www.yoloares.org/news/2014/everbridge/
This form will let Rick, N6KLB, know you have registered. Dana Carey at Yolo OES has requested a list of Yolo ARES members who have registered so she can put us in a group.


Sign up for the Cache Creek Ridge Ride, May 10, 2014
ARES members and amateur radio operators are encouraged to sign up to work the Cache Creek Ridge Ride. This horse endurance event generally runs from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM, although not assignments require all day participation. If you have any questions, email Rick, N6KLB, ricklittlefield1@gmail.com.    3/24/2014


ARES Multi-County Regional Exercise
On March 15th, Placer County ARES will initiate an ARES Multi-county Exercise. The exercise will involve Placer County ARES requesting Mutual Assistance.

A call-out of Placer ARES will be made as well as notification of Sacramento Valley ARES District Emergency coordinators (DEC). Each DEC will contact their county Emergency Coordinators who in turn will exercise their call-put plans and determine how many ARES members could possible respond to the call for mutual assistance.

Yolo County ARES will activate our call out procedures. Expect to get an email, text message and possibly a phone call.
Check in to the net that will be run on the KE6YUV (BARK) Repeater. Let net control if you could respond to Auburn if needed.    3/11/2014


Technician Class
Announcements Wes - ws6z I'll be holding a 2-part
technician class for the Davis CERT team on Feb 11th and 18th from 6-9
both nights. If anyone wants to help on either night or knows people
that want to take the class (other non-CERT members will be showing up
too), please contact me. www.ws6z.com    2/4/2014

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