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Newest Yolo County ARES Members
Yolo County ARES welcomes three new members: KI6ERV, Linda; W0EAX, Ron; and K6RZL, Jim!    1/17/2007


Yolo ARES Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 7:00 PM at Waite Hall.    12/30/2006


Web server problems
UPDATE: October 29, 9:40 PM
the web server seems to be working just fine now. Email, uploading and the wiki site are working as expected.. YEAH!
kg6sjt    10/29/2006


Yolo ARES Work Party
Yolo ARES will be having a work party to get the antenna up at the Yolo fairgrounds. We will be meeting Saturday September 30, at 10 AM. For more information contact Bill, KG6GNI.
E-mail: KG6GNI@aol.com


N6KLB climbing to the peak of Mt. Whitney 9/12/06
Rick, N6KLB, will be climbing to the peak of Mt. Whitney on Tuesday September 12. He is going to try to access the repeaters on Mt. Oso, on the West side of the valley from Fresno.

Following are the frequencies that he is going to try:
145.390 - PL 136.5


441.275 + PL 107.2

He may also try:

Mt. Diabo 145.350 - PL 100.0
Mt. Bullion 147.030 + PL 100.00

Rick estimates that they will reach the summit around 10:00 AM on Tuesday, September 12, 2006.

Try to see if you can access 145.390 - PL 136.5 and / or 441.275 + PL 107.2 from Davis. If you can, email Rick PilotHam@aol.com. He will try to access email on Monday from Lone Pine to see if we had any success.    9/9/2006


Sacramento Noon Net using the SHARP Repeater
The W6AK repeater is on the bench being repaired. Until further notice:

The Noon Net is operating on the SHARP Repeater, 146.610 negative offset with a tone of 136.5.


David Towle, KD6VNQ, appointed Yolo ARES AEC
Yolo County ARES Emergency Coordinator, Darrin Ogletree, KG6FJL, has announced that David Towle, KD6VNQ, has been appointed Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Yolo County ARES. David joins Bill Gustavson KG6GNI, and Greg Kruckewitt KG6SJT as an AEC.    7/30/2006


Yolo ARES Monthly Meeting, Thursday May 16, 2006
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Waite Hall, Yolo County Fairgrounds
Contact: Darrin, KG6FJL, ec@yoloares.org
Details: Our monthly meeting will be at back of Waite Hall at the Yolo County Fairgrounds.    5/16/2006


ALL VOLUNTEER disaster drill
There will be an ALL VOLUNTEER disaster drill in Sacramento on June 17, 2006. We are looking for as many operators as possible for this drill. No City, County, or State Agencies will be participating! We will be providing communications between each group as well as the ICS. We will need mobiles, stationary units, and handhelds as well as portable packet stations. This will be a great way to find out exactly how your equipment will work under disaster conditions. Please inform your operators and tell them to contact me at either my email address or by phone.

Thank You es 73,
Frank Reshke, N6SNO
Dist. 3 EC
n6sno@arrl.net    5/9/2006


Lee Sheffield, KC6MCI, will run a Special Event Station under the Club's auspices for the Sierra Sacramento EMS Agency on May 18 from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. He is looking for people who can work as part of the station or from their home QTH. Operation will be on all modes, though Lee will be operating PSK31 from his Communications Trailer. The trailer will be parked at 1425 Veterans Memorial Circle in Yuba City. Lee will prepare a Certificate confirming contacts upon request. The person requesting the Certificate will be asked to send a check for $1.00 made out to " The Yuba Sutter Amateur Radio Club c/o Lee Sheffield" and a self-addressed stamped 9x12 envelope to:
YSARC c/o Lee Sheffield.
2265 Madrone
Sutter, CA 95982
All monies received will be donated to the EMS Agency.


Folks that want to participate in the event on next Thursday 5/18 may talk-in on the WD6AXM 2m repeater on 146.085 Mhz + offset (no tone, but if activated it is 127.3 Hz) during the hours of 0900-1300. I will also be in the trailer with Lee, KC6MCI working PSK31 (Lees as CO) and doing VHF coordination with other stations that dont have PSK31 capability and/or to get participating stations coordinated on HF frequencies well be sending on for the PSK31 operations. Hope some of you guys and those that visit the website decide to participate. Its a worthy cause to support our EMS folks.

Sean C. Murphy    5/9/2006

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