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 10/19/2007 General Information PortableApps
Install and run various portable applications from your portable USB device (flash/jump drive, mp3 player, portable hard drive, etc.). You can also install the PortableApps Suite and have access to several useful applications including OpenOffice (like Microsoft Office), Firefox (Web browser), Thunderbird (email), and much, much more. You can also add additional portable applications as you see necessary.

You never know, in the event of a disaster you may be stuck with a PC that has nothing installed.
 10/19/2007 Emergency Information
Weather Information
Scan USA
SCAN USA was formed to provide the first national alert system, called the Safe Community Alert Network, or SCAN, that allows local law enforcement and public safety agencies to send alerts to the PCs, cell phones and PDAs of their neighborhood and local residents. Integral to SCAN is the exclusive relationship the company has with the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, or COPS.
 10/12/2007 Weather Information Emergency Digital Information Service
The Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS) delivers official information about emergencies and disasters to the public and the news media in California.
 9/30/2007 Ham Radio
Radio Clubs
K5EHX Repeater Mapping
A Repeater mapping project using google maps
 9/23/2007 Ham Radio Ham-Shack.com : Operating On A United States Repeater Near You!
United States Repeaters
To View Repeater Listings Select A State
You can now map out the Amateur Radio Repeater Directory using Google Maps!
 8/21/2007 Weather Information
Emergency Communications
Bill Snyder's Hurricane Frequencies
Hurricane Frequencies to monitor
 6/20/2007 Disaster Preparedness Are you Ready for the Heat Wave
Are you Ready for the Heat Wave? From the Sacramento Regional Office of Homeland Security
 4/14/2007 Emergency Communications
Amateur Radio Emergency Network for Hospitals- W4AVA.ORG
RACES Resource Library
- Amateur Radio Emergency Network for Hospitals
 3/10/2007 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Equipment
Emergency Supplies Calendar
A six monh calendar to help you gather your family's emerency supplies
 2/26/2007 Be Prepared- Flood
Disaster Preparedness
Sacramento Flood History
The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA)
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