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 3/3/2009 Weather Information California Forecast Zone RSS Feed Listing
Receive RSS weather forecasts from NOAA by zone.

NOTE: This is currently a beta Website. The link provided may become broken without warning as they change to their permanent location.
 3/3/2009 Yolo County
Be Prepared- Flood
National Weather Service - "Alert" River Conditions Based on Local Action Settings for Yolo County
This page provides access to observed and forecast river conditions in RSS/XML feeds/format. Comments and feedback are welcome. A Product Description Document is also available.

Note: The alerts utilize both observations and forecast information (where available). Forecasts are available at select river locations where data histories and forecast procedures make them possible. This RSS feed is based on the original development efforts of John Yagecic of the Delaware River Basin Commission.
 3/2/2009 Yolo County
Emergency Communications
Emergency fire department incidents with live dispatch and fireground audio and fire photos and video from the scene. See and hear the action as it happens.
 2/10/2009 Emergency Information
NTS radiograms
Electronic ICS Forms | Emergency Response | NOAA's National Ocean Service
You can download electronic versions of the ICS forms to use on a Macintosh or Windows PC. You can choose either (1) a database containing the ICS forms, or (2) a set of all the ICS forms in PDF format. You can use either version to complete ICS forms and then print them out from your computer.
 12/17/2008 Yolo County CHP Traffic Incident Information Page
Get up to the minute information on local highways and outlying areas.
 12/15/2008 Weather Information CalTrans Road Conditions
Check Current Highway Conditions
 10/22/2008 Training
FEMA free on-line training courses
FEMA's free on-line training program. Allowing training given nationally to emergency personel to be obtained by EmComm members.
 10/9/2008 Emergency Equipment
Ham Radio
Go-Kit: Wireless LED Task Lamps (Cheap) - N5FDL's Journal - N5FDL Amateur Radio
The Lumen Wireless LED Task Light (two for $15 at Costco) features six LEDs, runs on 3 AAA batteries, and can clip onto items up to 1.5 inches thick.
 10/3/2008 Ham Radio
NEED A MANUAL? The following is a list of COPIES of original equipment manuals. COPIES are ONLY of originals and are totally complete. No manual is less than 100% perfect. Copy $16.00 unless otherwise noted. Currently nearly 3500 manuals are available.
 9/30/2008 ARES Procedures
Emergency Communications
TracyARC Downloads
An excellent collection of downloadable documents and other files of interest to TracyARC members and guests. By David Coursey, N5FDL
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