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 12/13/2003 ARES/RACES Groups Benton County ARES
Benton County, Oregon Amateur Radio Emergency Service
 12/13/2003 ARES/RACES Groups South County ARES (S.C.A.R.E.S) in so. San Mateo County, CA
South County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, serving cities in the southern portion of San Mateo County on the San Francisco Peninsula.
 12/13/2003 Disaster Preparedness Amateur Radio Disaster Services
Dedicated to Amateur radio as it pertains to disaster services. Many links and articles.
 12/13/2003 Training Virginia RACES Training & Reference
Links to training and reference material from Virginia RACES.
 12/13/2003 ARES/RACES Groups Virginia RACES
Virginia RACES
 12/13/2003 Emergency Equipment Bi-Directional Vertical Antenna
If you need a vertically polarized bi-directional 2-meter antenna with deep side nulls for direction finding or nulling out adjacent channel interference, try the half-square.
 12/13/2003 Disaster Preparedness Recommendations for Emergency Preparedness
Recommendations for Emergency Preparedness
 12/13/2003 Nets
Emergency Communications
National Radio Emergency Network
National Radio Emergency Network (NREN) is designed to provide a 24-hour emergency communications capability for fixed, portable, or mobile stations. In particular, NREN is designed to facilitate quick and efficient message delivery at times when scheduled nets are not in session or when traffic must quickly flow outside the service area of a scheduled net, such as during an emergency operation.
 12/13/2003 ARRL
ARES Procedures
ARRL Public Service Communications Manual
This edition of the Public Service Communications Manual constitutes an overall source of basic information on the League's public service communications program.
 12/13/2003 ARRL
Disaster Relief
ARRL and American Red Cross Memorandum of Understanding
Statement of understanding between the Amercan Radio Relay League, Inc. and the American National Red Cross.
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