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 12/23/2003 ANTENNAS NVIS: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave
NVIS, or Near Vertical Incidence Skywave, refers to a radio propagation mode which involves the use of antennas with a very high radiation angle, approaching or reaching 90 degrees (straight up),
 12/23/2003 ANTENNAS Near Vertical Incident Scattering Antenna
Near Vertical Incident Scattering Antenna
 12/23/2003 Hardware Lead Acid Battery Desulfator
Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Pulse Generator
 12/23/2003 ANTENNAS Simple NVIS Antenna
Make A Quick, Easy, Cheap, NVIS Antenna for Roadside Operating.
Or...'K.I.S.S.' (Keep It Simple Sherlock)
 12/22/2003 Ham Radio
Radio Clubs
Northern CA Repeater List Sorted By City
N6SEX Repeater List Sorted By City.
NOTE: This is a LARGE file that takes a while to load
 12/22/2003 Yolo County
Emergency Information
Emergency Information Links - City of Davis
In the case of an emergency this page will provide current information to the citizens of Davis.
 12/22/2003 Yolo County
Disaster Relief
Welcome to the Yolo County Red Cross
Yolo County chapter of the American Red Cross
 12/22/2003 Yolo County
Disaster Relief
Yolo County OES - Shelters
Shelter information for Yolo County (normally provided by Red Cross).
 12/22/2003 Yolo County
Be Prepared- Flood
Yolo County OES - Water Levels
Creek & River Water Levels in Yolo County
 12/22/2003 Yolo County
Emergency Information
Yolo County OES - Emergency Operations Center
The Yolo County Emergency Operations Center is currently in _________ status. (Click on link to find out.)
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