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 7/23/2008 Weather Information National Weather Service - National Hurricane Center
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is a component of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) located at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. The NHC mission is to save lives, mitigate property loss, and improve economic efficiency by issuing the best watches, warnings, forecasts and analyses of hazardous tropical weather, and by increasing understanding of these hazards. The NHC vision is to be America's calm, clear and trusted voice in the eye of the storm and, with its partners, enable communities to be safe from tropical weather threats.
 7/2/2008 ARES Procedures
Emergency Communications
JNOS, Amateur Radio and mobile IP email/BBS
JNOS is one of the derivations of a PC program for amateur radio known as NOS. NOS was designed to be a BBS (Bulletin Board System), running on your PC as a regular MS-DOS program, that could allow you and others to use and provide email and other services based on IP (Internet Protocol).
 6/11/2008 Ham Radio
Welcome to The World of Ham Radio
Ham radio provides the broadest and most powerful wireless communications capability available to any private citizen anywhere in the world.

The ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio in the USA. You too can become a member and communicate across the country, around the globe, or even with astronauts in space. To learn more, follow this link to ARRL as well as the three links at the bottom of the page.
 6/11/2008 Ham Radio ARRL - Ham Radio in the 21st Century
ARRL's Ham Radio Blog Site.
 6/10/2008 Ham Radio ARES Boom Box - Featured in QST, AUGUST 2000
A portable communications center featuring a VHF/UHF, 50/35 watt transceiver.
 5/25/2008 Emergency Information
Yolo County
Yolo County Office of Emergency Services
The Yolo County Office of Emergency Services (OES), a division of the County Administrative Office, is the emergency management agency for Yolo County, and as such is the lead agency that fulfills the county's requirements under the Emergency Services Act (Government Code Section 8550 et. seq.). This office works with partners in the emergency management programs of the Cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland as well as the University of California at Davis and the Rumsey Rancheria. OES also works with the various special districts, authorities, and joint powers authorities within the boundaries of Yolo County.
 4/25/2008 General Information Wireless Amber Alerts
What is the Wireless AMBER Alerts Initiative?

The national Wireless AMBER Alerts Initiative is a voluntary partnership between the wireless industry, the United States Department of Justice, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), to distribute AMBER Alerts to wireless subscribers who opt in to receive the messages and are able to receive text messages on their wireless devices.
 3/20/2008 Ham Radio PL-259 Installation Made Easy for RG8X
Video: PL-259 Installation Made Easy for RG8X
 3/19/2008 Training
Ham Radio
ARRLWeb: First Contact Award Certificate Request
First Contact Award Certificate Request. Do you want to recognize someone who just made their first two-way radio communications by Amateur radio?
 3/8/2008 Emergency Communications Outpost Packet Message Manager Homepage
Outpost Packet Message Manager
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