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 2/16/2004 Training
Emergency Information
Standardized Emergency Management System
California OES Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) Guidelines
 2/11/2004 ARES/RACES Groups New Hampshire ARES
New Hampshire ARES web site
 2/1/2004 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Information
CERT-LA - CERT Material
START - Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment, CERT Incident Command System, Starting and Maintaining a CERT Program, Lifts and Carries handout, CERT Trifold Wallet Card, Uses of CERT in Emergencies and Non-Emergencies. From the LA CERT web site
 2/1/2004 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Information
CERT-LA - Special Considerations
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), animals, automated external defibrillator (AED), blackouts, chain saw safety, hazardous materials in the home, children's interests, evacuation, shelter in place, swimming pool safety, secure furniture, strap water heater, mental health, special needs (children, seniors, disabled). From the LA CERT web site
 2/1/2004 Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Information
CERT-LA - Terrorism
Anthrax, smallpox, biological threats, chemical threats, nuclear threats, radiological threats, bomb threats, nuclear power plants, decontamination, explosions, the Homeland Security Advisory System and preparedness activities for each level. From LA CERT web site
 2/1/2004 Disaster Preparedness CERT-LA - Preparedness
Disaster supply checklists, home/personal/business preparedness From the LA CERT website
 1/30/2004 Emergency Equipment Portable Wind Generator
The Japanese company New Power Ltd, is manufacturing a small
portable wind generator with a propeller diameter of 1 meter. It is
designed to assemble easily in the field for temporary operation.

The size, weight, and power level make it useful for medium power HF
backpack portable or pedestrian mobile operation.

The New Power model NP-30 lightweight windplant (2kg) charges 12VDC
battery systems at low wind velocity:
4 meters/second (9mph) wind produces 10W (.75A)
9 meters/second (20mph) wind produces 33W (2.5A)

Cost 86,000 Yen (US$813)
 1/16/2004 ANTENNAS Tape Measure Antenna
Designed for use when portability and operation on different frequencies are primary the considerations. The antenna is housed in a molded plastic housing holding two stainless steel tapes calibrated in meters, decimeters and centimeters. These tapes can be extended to the required length for a given frequency and locked in place. A permanent frequency-to-meters conversion chart is attached to the antenna housing. Each end of the tape is attached to a length of nylon line which acts as an insulator and a means for securing the antenna to structures of suitable height.
 1/15/2004 ANTENNAS North America NVIS
North America NVIS Optimum Frequencies
 1/15/2004 ANTENNAS Near-Real-Time F2-Layer Critical Frequency Map
Useful information for choosing appropriate band for NVIS antennas.
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